Overview: This week we are joined by Tayler’s long time friend, and listener, Cole Moureau.  Tayler invents a new drink and plays Rage.  Cole, Juice, and Tayler discuss the future of man, the Fallout universe, and the Elder Scrolls universe. Cole answers the 5 Qs.  Cole, Juice, and Tayler discuss […]

Merely Gamers: Episode 29 – White Comfort

Overview: This week we are joined remotely by third-time returning guest, Jill Knetter.  Jill professes her love for the Nintendo Switch.  Jill and Juice talk about explosives.  Jill, Juice, and Tayler discuss their criminal exploits. Tayler remembers to ask the 1 Q, and Juice corrects him.  Jill, Juice, and Tayler talk […]

Merely Gamers: Episode 28 – Real Talk

Overview: This week we are joined by another first-time guest, and developer, Juan Wright.  Juan talks about his education in game design, animation, 3D modeling, and coding.  Being a first-time guest, Juan also answers the 5Qs. Juice, Juan, and Tayler discuss RPGs; both old and new.  Juan and Tayler discuss their […]

Merely Gamers: Episode 27 – The Wright Way

Overview: This week we are joined remotely by Isaiah “Z” Olson.  Juice, Tayler, and Z, discuss the slow decline of Steam sales.  Tayler reminds us of his slow internet. Tayler plays This is The Police.  Juice, Tayler, and Z, discuss Neir,  JRPGS, and The Grind.  Juice disagrees with Tayler and […]

Merely Gamers: Episode 26 – Overenblundered

Overview: This week we are joined remotely by Brenton “Wiggums” Wienkes.  Juice had a slight problem during the first recording, and we had to begin again.  Having been a few drinks in already, the conversation turns ridiculous right out of the gate. Tayler and Wienkes play Ashes of Singularity.  Juice […]

Merely Gamers: Episode 25 – Up and Sitting

Overview: This week we are joined by Tayler’s housemate, Robbie Keenan.  Robbie, Juice, and Tayler reminisce about Tay-Rob-A-Rama and talk about fighting games. Robbie talks about his love of open world games and the struggles of living with Tayler.  Juice suggests ideas on how Robbie and Tayler can get faster […]

Merely Gamers: Episode 24 – Siskel and Q*Bert

Overview: This week we crawl out of the basement and sit down with a long time friend and listener, Ben “Casual Core” Puls. Ben tells us about his experience at Combo Breaker.  Juice, Tayler, and Ben talk about other fighting game tournaments. Ben reveals the history of his gamer tag, […]

Merely Gamers: Episode 23 – Casual Time

Overview: This week we are joined remotely by Matt Todor, a.k.a “Ccatalyst”.  Matt, Juice, and Tayler talk about the mobile gaming platform.  Juice and Matt talk about Breath of the Wild, their climate conniptions, reveal some spoilers, and compare it to other open world games. Matt professes his love of Overwatch […]

Merely Gamers: Episode 22 – Blizzard is Coming

Overview: This week we are joined once again by our friend and long-time listener, Tayler Phillips.  Tayler talks about the hardship(s) of living outside of a populated area.  Juice, Dak, and Tayler discuss board games they have been playing lately and life in general, before revealing some sad news: Dak […]

Merely Gamers: Episode 21 – Dak Me Anything: The Farewell ...