The Podcast

Juice and Tayler are regularly joined by guests as they talk about their opinions and experiences with video games and tabletops over a few (or more) drinks

The Hosts

Justin “Juice”  Espiritu

Fighting Game Master, not really, just love getting hype.


Favorite Video Games: Super Smash Bros. Melee, Street fighter Series (Well most of it), Civilization 4 and 5, Soul Series, Mega Man X Series, and more.

Favorite Board/Card Games: Betrayal at House on the Hill, Settlers of Catan, Magic the Gathering, Fallout Adventures, Elder Sign, and more.

Favorite Food:  Indian Food, especially palak paneer, and Japanese food.

Favorite Alcoholic Drink:  Blonde Russian, it’s a white russian except it’s blonde.

Tayler “Piece of Shit” Phillips


“Have I talked to you about Fallout yet?”

Favorite Video Games: Fallout Series, Planet Coaster, Tabletop Simulator, Mortal Kombat Series

Favorite Tabletops: Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Settlers of Catan, Careers, Galatic Encounters, Secret Hitler, and much, much more.

Favorite Food: Pizza and Sushi…. not together.

Favorite Alcoholic Drink: 1 Part: Southern Comfort, 1 Part: Any other liquid

Prior Appearences:

Other info:

Facebook: Tayler Phillips
Twitch: Lloydxmas855

Former Host(s)

Dakotah “Dak” Voet

“Casual but I casual really hard.”

Favorite Video Games:Mass Effect Series, Dragon Age Series, KOTOR, Final Fantasy VII VIII and IX, Quake 3, Elder Scrolls Series, Uncharted Series

Favorite Tabletops:Dungeons and Dragons, Eclipse, Small World, Dead of Winter

Favorite Food: Anything asian. Also gyros

Favorite Alcoholic Drink: Beer – porters and abbey ales. Specifically St Bernardus Abt 12

The Guests