Merely Gamers: Episode 21 – Dak Me Anything: The Farewell Episode


This week we are joined once again by our friend and long-time listener, Tayler Phillips.  Tayler talks about the hardship(s) of living outside of a populated area.  Juice, Dak, and Tayler discuss board games they have been playing lately and life in general, before revealing some sad news: Dak is leaving Merely Gamers.

Dak seizes the opportunity to answer his own set of The 5 Qs which leads to Dak, Juice, and Tayler discussing Final Fantasy.  Dak and Tayler also talk at length about their respective DnD campaign exploits, before moving into this episode’s topic: Ask Dak Anything.  Dak and Tayler drink and the questions take a serious turn.


0:00:00 – Taychella
0:08:50 – Country Troubles
0:14:35 – Tayler Plays Catan
0:17:10 – Juice plays Dark Souls: The Board Game
0:20:00 – Imperial Assault, X-Wing
0:23:00 – Dak plays Breath of The Wild, Juice talks about it
0:35:46 – The Big Reveal and Dak’s 5 Qs
0:43:15 – Dak, Juice, and Tayler discuss Final Fantasy
0:48:30 – Dak-athy
0:50:00 – Heart of the Cards: Cole’s Campaign
1:01:20 – Billy Goats Gruff: Dak’s Campaign
1:08:15 – Episode Topic: Ask Dak Anything
2:00:00 – Going for Three
3:08:25 – Wrapping Up