Merely Gamers: Episode 22 – Blizzard is Coming


This week we are joined remotely by Matt Todor, a.k.a “Ccatalyst”.  Matt, Juice, and Tayler talk about the mobile gaming platform.  Juice and Matt talk about Breath of the Wild, their climate conniptions, reveal some spoilers, and compare it to other open world games.

Matt professes his love of Overwatch which leads into a discussion about Blizzard Entertainment, Bungie, and Destiny 2.  Matt, Juice, and Tayler continue to discuss Blizzard and talk about MMORPGs before getting into their topic: Platform Exclusivity.


0:04:14 – Tayler Plays Pocket Mortys
0:10:58 – Juice and Matt play Breath of the Wild
0:26:34 – Introductions
0:27:38 – The 5 Qs
0:33:41 – Blizzard Entertainment
0:40:55 –  WoW and other MMORPGs
1:13:30 – Topic: Platform Exclusivity – The Good, The Bad, The Impossible
2:19:35 – Wrapping Up


Matt Todor


Steam: [MRDR] Ccatalyst

BlizzardID: Ccatalyst#1362