Merely Gamers: Episode 23 – Casual Time


This week we crawl out of the basement and sit down with a long time friend and listener, Ben “Casual Core” Puls. Ben tells us about his experience at Combo Breaker.  Juice, Tayler, and Ben talk about other fighting game tournaments.

Ben reveals the history of his gamer tag, and Juice tells us about some games he has been playing. Ben and Tayler take a brief trip down memory lane before getting into their topic: A Casual Conversation about Casual Gaming.


0:06:14 – Ben Goes to Combo Breaker
0:22:53 – Introductions
0:30:34 – The 5 Qs
0:37:29 – A Casual Tale
0:40:15 – Juice Plays Mario Kart and Stellaris
0:54:56 – Tayler and Ben Play Tabletop Simulator
1:15:14 – Episode Topic: A Casual Conversation about Casual Gaming
2:19:35 – Wrapping Up


Ben “Casual Core” Puls