Merely Gamers: Episode 24 – Siskel and Q*Bert


This week we are joined by Tayler’s housemate, Robbie Keenan.  Robbie, Juice, and Tayler reminisce about Tay-Rob-A-Rama and talk about fighting games.

Robbie talks about his love of open world games and the struggles of living with Tayler.  Juice suggests ideas on how Robbie and Tayler can get faster Internet before getting into their topic: Movies Based on Video Games.


0:02:05 – Tay-Rob-A-Rama
0:05:45 – Fighting in the Nether Realm
0:10:50 – Re-Gifting Ideas, Nintendo, and E3
0:16:50 – Juice Plays Pillar of Eternity
0:23:35 – Introductions
0:29:30 – The 5s Qs
0:41:50 – Tayler Plays Golf with Your Friends
1:06:10 – Episode Topic: Movies Based on Video Games
2:00:20 – Who’s Your Go-To Guy?
2:09:45  – Bang, Kill, Marry
2:25:03 – Wrapping Up