Merely Gamers: Episode 25 – Up and Sitting


This week we are joined remotely by Brenton “Wiggums” Wienkes.  Juice had a slight problem during the first recording, and we had to begin again.  Having been a few drinks in already, the conversation turns ridiculous right out of the gate.

Tayler and Wienkes play Ashes of Singularity.  Juice and Tayler play Dungeons and Dragons.  Juice, Tayler, and Wienkes discuss the possibilities of Super Mario Odyssey.  Tayler gives his two cents about the formula of the episode. Juice talks about Amazon Underground and the X.B.O.X. before we get into our topic: Up and Coming Games.


0:04:27 – Tayler and Wienkes play Ashes of a Singularity
0:09:26 – Tayler and Juice play DnD 5e
0:26:15 – Memoirs of a Juice
0:32:11 – Wienkes Plays Chivalry: Medieval Warfare
0:33:50 – Juice Plays Stellaris
0:36:30 – Juice Hypes About Super Mario Odyssey
0:46:01 – Juice’s New Game Idea
0:47:55 – Tayler’s Most Successful Game
0:58:19 – The X.B.O.X.
1:10:55 – Episode Topic: Up and Coming Games