Merely Gamers: Episode 26 – Overenblundered


This week we are joined remotely by Isaiah “Z” Olson.  Juice, Tayler, and Z, discuss the slow decline of Steam sales.  Tayler reminds us of his slow internet.

Tayler plays This is The Police.  Juice, Tayler, and Z, discuss Neir,  JRPGS, and The Grind.  Juice disagrees with Tayler and Z regarding inventory management.  Tayler Plays The Flame in the Flood and Juice plays Prey before we discuss our topic: The Three Rs – Remasters, Remakes, and Reboots.


0:03:10 – Summer Games Done Quick
0:11:11 – Z plays Nier: Automata
0:14:25 – Tayler’s Internet Troubles (Revisited)
0:18:06 – Tayler Plays This is the Police
0:30:15 – The 1 Q
0:34:42 – JRPGS
0:38:15 – Inventory Managment
0:42:59 – Weapon Breaker
0:45:46 – Tayler Plays The Flame in the Flood
0:54:36 – Juice Plays Prey
1:03:10 – Episode Topic: Remakes, Reboots, and Remasters
2:16:45 – Wrapping Up