Merely Gamers: Episode 27 – The Wright Way


This week we are joined by another first-time guest, and developer, Juan Wright.  Juan talks about his education in game design, animation, 3D modeling, and coding.  Being a first-time guest, Juan also answers the 5Qs.

Juice, Juan, and Tayler discuss RPGs; both old and new.  Juan and Tayler discuss their disappointments in games and Juan’s experience with EA games. They then move to the topic of the episode, duly named: A Deep Delve Into Development.  Tayler gets sucked into Juan’s story, and Juice stays on topic.


0:01:24 – Tayler Plays Board Games
0:04:59 – The Plight of Poultry
0:08:21 – Juan’s New Ride
0:10:22 – Three Degrees, Eight Years
0:14:54 – Poul-try Dancing
0:18:54 – The Smell of Rejection
0:24:26 – Location, Location, Location
0:26:49 – Introduction and The 5 Qs
0:36:41 – The Legend of Dragoon, Witcher, Skyrim, Fable: Anniversary
0:39:45 – How to: Guide a Player
0:44:40 – The Unholy Trinity
0:48:56 – The Push to Play, or Lack Thereof
0:57:21 – Eight Page of Weak
1:10:28 – Episode Topic: A Deep Delve Into Development
3:17:20 – Wrapping up


 Juan Wright



Twitter: @GiaDream27