Merely Gamers: Episode 28 – Real Talk


This week we are joined remotely by third-time returning guest, Jill Knetter.  Jill professes her love for the Nintendo Switch.  Jill and Juice talk about explosives.  Jill, Juice, and Tayler discuss their criminal exploits.
Tayler remembers to ask the 1 Q, and Juice corrects him.  Jill, Juice, and Tayler talk about board games.  Jill, Juice, and Tayler discuss Tayler’s shitty origins before getting into this week’s topic: Things we do in video games that we would love to/never do in real life.


0:02:40 – Juice Plays Magic: The Gathering
0:11:32 – Tayler Plays Kingdoms of Amalur
0:20:36 – Fatherhood, or Something Similar
0:21:49 – Introductions
0:22:32 – The Switch to Switch
0:27:13 – Infinite Explosive Ordinance
0:32:34 – Jill, Juice, and Tayler Commit Crimes
0:57:20 – The 1 Q
0:59:52 – Deceptive Doug
1:04:08 – The Spirit of Dak
1:05:47 – Months of Shit
1:12:25 – Episode Topic: Things we do in Video Games That we Would Love to/Never do in Real Life. 
2:16:49 – Final Thoughts
2:19:50 – Wrapping up