Merely Gamers: Episode 29 – White Comfort


This week we are joined by Tayler’s long time friend, and listener, Cole Moureau.  Tayler invents a new drink and plays Rage.  Cole, Juice, and Tayler discuss the future of man, the Fallout universe, and the Elder Scrolls universe.

Cole answers the 5 Qs.  Cole, Juice, and Tayler discuss the Zelda universe.  Juice brings Cole up to Pika-speed.  Cole and Tayler discuss their past hunting experiences, and how times have changed.  Cole, Juice, and Tayler discuss the Diablos before getting into their topic: Video Game Lore.


0:00:39 – White Comfort
0:06:05 – Insect-ual Love
0:07:27 – Sentence Erecting
0:10:25 – Marketing Ideas
0:15:57 – The Future of Man
0:29:39 – Introduction and The 5 Qs
0:38:59 – Gateway RPG
0:42:05 – The Zelda Zone
0:45:20 – Pika-Vito
0:50:29 – Pokemon Slow
0:59:00 – Cole, Juice, and Tayler play Diablo 2
1:07:20 – Episode Topic: Video Game Lore
2:22:46 – Wrapping Up


 Cole Moureau